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Saturday art class - lower school

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The Saturday Art Class for boys of the Lower School is proving quite popular.

Nearly all the boys who came, voluntarily forego a morning's play to be able to come to school and paint, and judging by the work they do, it is obvious that they find enjoyment in it.

In the USIS Child Art Competition held recently in Ceylon, twelve paintings of the 3,068 submitted, were awarded prizes, and three of the lucky winners were Thomians. They were R. Thirukumar, (8 years) of Form II A, with his large 36" ? 18" painting of "Butterflies", A. J. Theograjah (9 years) of L 3 B, with his still life called "Flowers I took to my Teacher" and C. Rajendran (11 years) of U 3 A, with a fine oil called "Street with Houses."

The winners were entertained at a tea party at the American Embassy, and each was presented with a fifty rupee prize by the American Ambassador.

A few weeks back, we were informed, that in the International Drawing Competition for School Children, sponsored by UNESCO, and with "Museums" for a subject, two pictures from St. Thomas' College had been selected te represent Ceylon. The pictures were done by C. S. A. Perera (9 years) of L 3 C, and R. Balarajan (10 years) of U 3 A.

After a Child Art exhibition in London recently, Mr. Richard Carline of the Cambridge University, wrote an article on this subject, for the "Studio" Art Magazine, and for an illustration, he used the pictures of "Birds", done by A. M. Armitage (11 years) and C. R. Dixon (10 years) of U 3 B : these pictures were also used to make the cover page of the "Studio."

During nearly the whole of Term II, we have been working in the fine new Art Room, specially renovated and furnished by the Warden. We are grateful to Mr. W. J. G. Beling for his advice and help, so willingly given in connection with the fitting up of this new room.

The boys thoroughly enjoy working here, and have produced some delightful paintings.

The large wall spaces were too much to resist, and some of the more enthusiastic young painters got to work on some large murals. By the end of the term, walls and pillars were all decorated, and an exhibition of these murals, along with some paintings and drawings, was arranged on Saturday, the 28th of July.

We had a number of distinguished visitors including Her Excellency Madame Shiroji Yuki, the wife of the Japanese Ambassador, a well - known painter herself, who has studies painting both in Japan and Europe for a number of years, and she was very impressed by what she saw.

The murals have been done by groups of boys of the Lower School between the ages of 6 1/2 and 11 years.

All that is left unpainted in the Art Room, are the tops of the pillars quite close to the ceiling, and the ceiling itself.

I have been told on more than one occasion, that it is an utter waste leaving these large areas unpainted ; it has also been argued that getting up to twenty feet or so is a simple matter with thirty odd box type stools available : however in spite of all this, I think the ceiling is going to remain white.

A film show including two instructional films called "Colour in Clay". and "Pottery without a Wheel", and film showing the masterpieces of European painters called "Open Window", was given on the 24th of July by kind courtesy of the U. K. Information Service and British Council.

All the films shown were excellent, and most enjoyable, and we look forward to having the privilege of seeing more of these films in the near future.

As this has been a busy term, we have not had the opportunity of doing any excursions. Next term however, we hope to be able to go out and do some sketching.