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Our Frist Oxford Blue Dan Pinachaud By L R H Anrdt

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Shelton De Saram and J. A. de Silva both just failed to win their Blues. This year there was as much competition-if not more-for a place in the XI. That Dan got there is highly creditable.

It is remarkable to ponder the growth of a lad from a shy, unstable, unders fourteener to a modest, highly competent Blue! One remembers the trepidation with which one observed the temperamental oddities in the boy, the painful shynes and nervousness of the adolescent; and then the burgeoning of talent, the quiet and steady maturation of balance and judgment. His debut at our Big Match will live in the memory as one of the gems of classic stylishness. He was the picture of a cricketer.

Pinachaud come of good sporting stock (Is not Roy Hermon his uncle?), in both lines; and is a fine all-rounder, who might well achieve at best another Blue Though he did not make his mark on the Battle of the blues this year, he certainly warned his Blue with a sound record with both bat and ball. We congratulate him.


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