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From: Godfrey Senaratne
Date: Tue, Sep 1, 2020 at 12:51 PM
Subject: Re: 'Remember' by Roger Hatch
To: Suraj Fernando, Dulip Perera , Rohan Hettiarachchi, Swarna Thambi

G?Day to Suraj,Dulip,Milinda,Swarna and all others in this ?email string?.It?s lovely to read again, this ? Ballad? , this ?Magnum Opus? by this very smart guy Roger Hatch.To me at this time, it was/is a very welcome email.I am in the mood to write a rather lenghy email response to you all -my friends:So here goes:Here in Melbourne we are in Stage 4 of Covid19 ?lockdown? - this means that we are ?quarantined? at home . (We can go out for exercise, to the doctors and to the chemist and to shop for food etc. There is a night curfew (4PM to 5AM)).We have been through a bleak winter-from ?Down-Under? standards.Spring has ?just arrived? and this picks up our spirits!Emergency Services are all in place .This 'second wave? lockdown became necessary because of
(1) slack quarantine enforcement by ?quarantine security? in ?Quarantine Hotels? by Profiteering Big Security companies sub-contracting security to ?dodgy? small security firms that employed untrained and low-paid staff (A majority of Aussies ?stranded? overseas and brought back on ?Qantas mercy flights' were doing their quarantine in Melb before returning to their homes in other States, so Melb ?copped? the brunt of the contagion,) and there were Tens of Thousands of Aussies Touring or Working overseas. and even now there are 20000+ Aussies ?Stuck? overseas!and?.
(2) Profiteering by those who run ?Aged-care Nursing Homes?.It is almost difficult to believe but Nurses and other Nursing Home workers ( because some of them are ?untrained? and a lot of them are working on casual basis with meagre PPE etc andwith few hours of work at any one place, they have to work at multiple places, to earn a decent living- thereby) spreading the COiVD etc.
However the CovidStatistics of new infections seem to be under control now and we are expecting the loosening of restrictions soon. In the Aged Care Homes there are very many deaths because Covid19 hits hard ?people like us? the 'baby-boomers? (those born just after WW2)! It?s almost as if it (Covid19) is working through some sort of Darwinian like ?natural -selection' where nature is pushing us, the ?oldies? away to make room for the next generations to take over and manage life, nature and creation.This may not be a 'bad-thing' even though I am not ready to leave yet!
The Victorian State Premier is doing a very hard job but I think he is doing a very good job (Kind,Proofessional, Generous and Very Tough).So is the Aus. Fed Government.The Federal Govt. is also doing it's best-with Billions of $ in job-keeper and job-seeker handouts.The Economy has been set back 20 years.
In addition and most unfortunately and quite stupidly- the Aus Fed Govt has angered China by calling for an investigation into the Chinese origin of the Covid19 virus etc,This is a Trump inspired ?boo- boo? with Aus playing the role of ?Dumb? Deputy Sheriff to a ?chaotic? Sheriff in the US (playingout some sort of 'whacky? global strategy for popular consumption at home to boost re-electioon chances!) -only I think -because of th the Anzus agreement.(I think that this was a spectacular 'own-goal? by Aus.).So in retaliation, China has ? spiked? Tariffs on imports such as Aus Barley, Dairy products and Wine etc. exported by Aus. compounding Aus?s Economic woes.
We all hope 2021 will be much much better year for all of us esp. with the very welcome expected introduction of a genuine and tested Vaccine (not Bleach or Chloroquinine Thank you).
I hope you and all your families and friends are keeping well.
Thanks to Zoom, we (as retirees) are ?attending? interesting ?courses? from the 'University of the Third Age? and even ?Attending Church? and ?attending 'Seniors?Groups Meetings?.
I retired from Swinburne University after 30 years of Teaching/Lecturing, enjoying every day of it ,just like I did at my beloved Alma Mater.The first year or so of retirement was quite hard in mind and spirit as I deeply missed my students and colleagues.But now I and my wife (Kajanka, who also retired after 25 years as a Tax Accountant) have taken well to retirement and we have done much travelling both in Aus and overseas.-that is until Covid19 stopped us in our tracks.
We are happily engaging with our little grand-daughter, until alas, Covid19 put us in ?lockdown? . -however Technology has come to the rescue and we see her often on mobile phone video call etc.
We believe that very soon, life and the economy including overseas travel , visiting friends and having them over - will 're-set' in the 'new-normal'.
So my friends,

Keep Well, Keep Safe!With Love and Peace and Cheers-from Godfrey Senaratne