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At an unveiling of Photographs' - Rev.A J Foster

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REV. CANON R.S. DE SARAM (1932-1959)

Canon R.S. de Saram was Warden of S. Thomas' College from 1932 to 1959.
When the College buildings at Mt. Lavinia were commandeered as a military
hospital in 1942, he made the decision to start a school at Gurutalawa under the
Headmastership of Dr. R.L. Hayman. In 1944 the branch of the school at
Peradeniya was closed, and during 1945 the Warden came into residence at
Gurutalawa, staying in the house now occupied by Mr. F.L. Amerasinghe. He left
here when the College buildings at Mt. Lavinia were handed back, and S.
Thomas' restarted life once again in its own buildings at the beginning of 1946. In
asking you, Sir, to unveil this photograph, I would pay tribute to one of our
distinguished Wardens, whose integrity and courage shine out of a life dedicated
to S. Thomas' College.

At an unveiling of Photographs'. Rev.A J Foster

MR. C.H. DAVIDSON (1946-1947)

Mr. C.H. Davidson was Headmaster of S. Thomas' College, Gurutalawa
from 1946-1947. He gave some of his best years to us and was renowned for his
thoroughness, care and diligence. His gifts were particularly suited to
Gurutalawa for he had a genuine love for school and farm alike. In calling upon
you, Sir, to unveil his photograph, I am glad that we should honour one who has
since been called to the highest office S. Thomas' can confer, the office of warden.

At an unveiling of Photographs'. Rev.A J Foster