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Uva Thomians encounter starts today

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Uva Thomians encounter starts today

S. Thomas' College Gurutalawa team

S. Thomas' College, Bandarawela team

The annual Uva Thomian Cricket Encounter 2013 will be held today and tomorrow at Bandarawela Municipal Ground, starting at 9.00 a.m.

S. Thomas' College, Bandarawela is captained by 4th year coloursman Nihanga Divantha Liyanage while S. Thomas' College Gurutalawa will be captained by 3rd year coloursman M.H.B. Dickkumbura.

The Uva Big Match fever was introduced to the up-country and thus began the annual fixture in 1984. Although many other schools in the region were involved in cricket matches, none of them were annual fixtures and they were never able to generate the kind of enthusiasm and excitement that is usually accustomed in Big matches. Although during this period leading schools in Colombo had already begun their "Big Matches" with the "Royal Thomian Encounter" taking center stage, people from the up-country didn't have the privilege to witness such events and as a result the fixture between the two Thomian Colleges was most welcome.

As mentioned previously the "Battle" of the Blues as it was called in the 80's began on the March 24 in 1984 under the guidance of the late Headmasters Messrs S.L.A. Rathnayake from S.Thomas' College, Bandarawela and Patrick Gunawardana of S.Thomas' College, Guruthalawa .

The big match is played for the A.G. Gunasekara and Ratnayake challenge cup. Gurutalawa Thomians won the big match in 2011 but narrowly lost by 24 runs in 2012.